Finscape unveils new distribution software with Schroders as client

London‐based fintech firm Finscape has launched a new service designed to radically improve asset managers’ understanding of their distribution landscape.

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The system has been under development for the past 18 months in collaboration with several platforms and fund managers including Schroders, which was today revealed as Finscape’s launch client. So far 10 platforms have agreed to provide data to the new service with several more due to be added by the end of the year.

The challenge for investment providers

The marketplace for investment solutions is highly competitive, regulatory costs are on the rise and margins are under substantial pressure. To target the right people with the right product at the right time requires a comprehensive understanding of the company client book, the market and the opportunity.

Combining multiple sources of platform market intelligence of different frequencies and granularities into a single view of the company client book is difficult to achieve without considerable resource. But a single view only tells you part of the story. Without competitor data, assessing your market competitiveness is impossible.

With resources stretched paper thin, a scattergun approach to distribution is no longer affordable or sustainable. To screen out noise and identify the accessible market and opportunity, investment providers need accurate, up‐to‐date distributor intelligence covering not only the basics, but also information on business models, activity, model portfolios, influencers and more. That’s where Finscape comes in.

The solution

Finscape is an end‐to‐end solution that will help investment providers streamline their market intelligence needs, save time and reduce costs. Finscape gives investment providers a comprehensive, accurate and trusted view of their client book dovetailed with the wider market.

According to Finscape MD, Bella Caridade‐Ferreira, “This new service will transform the ability of asset managers to understand who is really influencing the sales of their products, how they compare to peers and where the real opportunities are. By using the latest cloud technology, we can deliver this insight much quicker than has ever been possible before, which will give our clients real competitive advantage. We are delighted to announce Schroders, the UK’s largest fund manager, as our launch client and look forward to revealing more new clients over the coming months.”

Schroders Head of UK Distribution, James Rainbow, added “The ability to understand adviser sales via complex platform and custody distribution chains is crucial for our business. Finscape lets us see not just who is buying our funds but who is influencing those sales so we can target our own activity much better. We know the team behind this solution very well and I am confident the depth and quality of the data will mark a step‐change in how we use distribution intelligence at Schroders.”

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About Finscape

Finscape is a joint venture between leading investment research house, Fundscape, and financial services systems supplier, Altus. Altus software manages the majority of asset transfers between UK platforms and has been ISO 27001 accredited since 2017. For more details about our distribution intelligence software, please visit

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