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Frequently Asked Questions

We recognise that asset management companies are not all the same size, so we have a flexible, tiered approach to pricing. Microboutique is up to five licences, boutique is for 6 to 10 licences, small generalist is for 20 users and generalist has unlimited licences. For generalists, Finscape Fix is part of the package but is optional for lower tiers.  Please get in touch to discuss.

This video explains how your firm could benefit from using Finscape.

As at February 2025, our market coverage was 88% of the retail platform market. We onboarded two large platforms in 2022, Quilter and abrdn, and have now surpassed our competitors’ coverage. From June 2024, we will have three more platforms than our competitors. Please get in touch for information on platform coverage. 

This datasheet explains how Finscape works.

This video also explains how Finscape can turbo-charge your business efforts.

Finscape has been designed to adapt to changing investment trends. We take all holdings and transactional data from platforms including information on model portfolios. We can show you which advisers use models and whether they use external ones too. 

In fact, asset managers are able to view the world through the distributor lens, which show advisers and how much business they administer, or through the influencer lens which shows DFM influence over advisers’ assets under administration.

Finscape is accessed via the internet so there is no requirement for specific hardware apart from your laptop or computer.

If you would like to add new users, please contact our customer service team.

“Finscape has been a really welcome addition to the market and provides insights that you simply can’t get anywhere else. That should be no surprise given the people behind it, especially Bella and Kevin, who know about as much as anyone around the space.”

David Ferguson
CEO, Seccl

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