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Why Finscape

Investment distribution has become increasingly fragmented and complex. D2C, retail and institutional platforms, custodians, DFMs, wealth managers and advisers can all sit between an investor and the asset manager.

Finscape is an end-to-end solution that helps investment providers streamline their market intelligence needs, save time and reduce costs.

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How it works

Finscape works by pooling information across the investment value chain, combining it into one comprehensive picture of the market and then allowing contributors to dig into the detail of their own flows compared to an aggregate view of their sector.

Using the latest technology, Finscape operates continuously to provide insight within days rather than weeks. You can read more about our system design and the way we secure your data.

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Finscape combines data from three golden sources to provide the most accurate picture possible of the investment distribution market. We take detailed transaction level data from Platforms and Asset Managers then combine these with the most granular adviser data available from the FCA.

All that data is constantly reconciled and enriched by our proprietary business rules which represent decades and decades of industry expertise.

Finscape Fix

Finscape boasts the most accurate and comprehensive directory of UK adviser data ever compiled. Finscape Fix enables clients to synchronise this meticulously curated database with their own CRM systems to ensure that accuracy flows all the way through to the front line of sales campaigns to maximise the value of their investment in Finscape.

Adviser directory

For organisations who are not directly involved in the investment value chain but who target the adviser market, we can offer our carefully curated database of UK advice firms as a standalone service.

The directory contains details of over 25,000 advice firms including their business addresses and contact information plus a navigable hierarchy of the structures those firms belong to.

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