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You’ve probably heard or seen the name Finscape a few times and are itching to find out more.

What’s Finscape?

Finscape will revolutionise business intelligence for investment distribution.

The challenge

The marketplace for investment solutions is highly competitive, regulatory costs are on the rise and margins are under substantial pressure. To target the right people with the right product at the right time requires a comprehensive understanding of the company client book, the market and the opportunity.

Client data. There’s plenty of data available, but little intelligence – combining multiple sources of platform MI of into a single view is difficult to achieve without considerable resource.

Industry intelligence. A single view only tells you part of the story. Without competitor data, assessing your competitiveness is impossible.

Distributors. With resources stretched paper thin, a scattergun approach to distribution is no longer affordable or sustainable.To screen out noise and identify the accessible market and opportunity, investment providers need accurate, up-to-date distributor intelligence covering not only the basics, but also information on business models, activity, model portfolios, influencers and more.

The solution is Finscape

The industry is crying out for a solution that combines three needs into one prompt, precise and pertinent source of information. A solution that will deliver market intelligence a week after month end.

We’re coding at the moment, but click on the buttons below to see the questions Finscape is designed to answer, or download the brochure and presentation.

About us

Finscape is the brainchild of two industry experts, Fundscape and Altus. Both are independent, stable businesses with long-term relationships with fund groups and platforms. Together they represent a unique and unrivalled combination of research, market knowledge and technology expertise.

Leadership team

Guy Edsall

Joint Managing Director Finscape

Guy has 20 years’ experience creating innovative B2B data and software solutions, starting with IBM and Experian QAS, spending the last 11 years focused on the Financial Services industry. In 2009 he joined Matrix Solutions as Product Director and created Financial-Clarity which became the leading market intelligence tool for fund managers and platforms.

Bella Caridade-Ferreira

Joint Managing Director Finscape, CEO Fundscape

Bella has 20 years’ experience in the research and analysis of the UK, European and Asian fund management industries. In 2010, she established Fundscape, a research house specialising in the end-to-end analysis of the UK fund industry. Fundscape is the publisher of the Platform Report, widely regarded as the platform industry’s official data source. Bella is an industry commentator on asset management, distribution and platform trends.

Kevin Okell

Director Finscape, Managing Director Altus

Kevin began his career as a software developer in the 1980s and worked on a wide variety of IT projects. He became convinced of the ability of technology to transform financial services and founded Altus in 2005 with that aim.

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