If you’re a fund manager, you’re probably wrestling with the following questions:

  • How do we make sense of the disparate MI data we receive from the many platforms in the market?
  • How do we make sure that we have an accurate and consolidated view of who is buying and selling our funds on a timely and relevant basis?
  • How do we know what the market is doing and if our sales trends are in or out of line with the industry?
  • How do we combine this data with fund accounting to understand the true impact of changing trends and sales on revenues and therefore the bottom line?
  • If intermediaries are selling down our funds and buying elsewhere, how do we work out what they’re buying and why they’re changing?
  • How do we use data to identify short and long-term investment trends and respond appropriately (new product development, sales & marketing campaigns, adviser education)?
  • How do we ensure that we’re getting the best out of our sales team?
  • How do we ensure that people in the field have accurate and timely data on an adviser firm’s latest activity, model portfolio solutions and DFM preferences etc?
  • How do we understand and monitor broader industry trends such as DFM outsourcing, funds of funds, vertical integration and so on?

We will help you obtain timely, fresh and relevant data to help you answer these questions. And more.